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Dilek Peninsula National Park in Kusadasi ( Dilek Peninsula – Great Menderes Delta National Park) is among the most important natural heritages of Turkey, Active opportunities, Fishing, cycling, picnicking, nature walks, photography, wildlife walks, bird watching, swimming, admiring the scenery, and paragliding are all popular activities that you can do essentially year round from this incredible park. 


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The village of Doğanbey which was named Domatia and populated by the Greeks until the population exchange of 1924, in a valley of National Park on Dilek Peninsula is a beautiful restored village of old stone houses which are typical for the former Greek places.   

The holiday destination Kusadasi is a cozy and small town and was and still is an important landing place for ferry services from Greece and Italy. Kusadasi is also the right place for fun, relaxation during the day and during the nights.


Enjoy the best Ephesus and house of the Virgin Mary combined

The ancient city of Ephesus   is Turkey’s most important ancient city, and one of the best preserved and restored. One can still stroll for hours along its streets passing temples, theatres, libraries, houses and statues. It contains such grand public buildings as the impressive  Library of Celsus,

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Kuşadası is a district of Turkey’s Aydın province. The district which is located in the northwest of the province is 71 km away from Aydın’s city center and 95 km away from İzmir’s city center.  The district on the Aegean Sea coast is one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey.

Kuşadası was one of the main harbors of Anatolia that opened to the Mediterranean in ancient times. It was called Neopolis at that time

Dilek Peninsula-Büyük Menderes Delta National Park is a park that encompasses an entire stunning peninsula in Kuşadası, right along the Aegean.


Artemis exhibits features integrated with Kybele, the mother goddess of Anatolia since Prehistoric Age. The high polos on her head is in the form of a temple and has three floors  

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